The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has long been without its new addition, the University of Missouri (Mizzou).  September 8, 2012 marks the first SEC game for Mizzou.  Who are they matched up against? None other than the 7th ranked team in the nation, the University of Georgia (UGA).

I was born and raised in Marietta, GA.  Marietta is a suburb of Atlanta and the hub of Georgia football has always been constant noise to me growing up as a Mizzou fan.  Growing up in a southern state, life revolves around two main things: finding a pew to sit in at church on Sunday, and rooting for your SEC team of choice.  With this mind set, one can imagine how excited my southern family and friends are for the addition of Columbia to their map of SEC schools.

As I drive down Providence I can already see groups of red and black attire, a new era for Mizzou has been spotted.  More importantly a new rival for Mizzou has been spotted.

The rival between the tigers and the bulldogs was ignited the day Mizzou joined the SEC and was further fueled when Mizzou’s defensive lineman, Sheldon Richardson, referred to Georgia football as “old man football”.  The rivalry will continue Saturday as the two teams go head to head on Faurot Field.  Which team will come out on top is the question, though?

Georgia will arrive to Faurot Field without a few of their key teammates.  Alec Ogletree and Bacarri Rambo are suspended for the Missouri game for violations against team rules, specifically marijuana use.   The ignorant choices these players made may be a key factor to determining the winner of the matchup on the 8th.  In my opinion Georgia has been talked up to have a great defense but I was less than impressed last week in their season kickoff against oh what’s that school’s name? Oh yeah, Buffalo.  The Georgia fans believe they have this game in the bag, and that it’ll be an easy win for their schedule, I beg to differ.  Mizzou has a chance.  Well, we always have a chance.  Saturday, though, I believe we have a pretty good chance at winning the contest.

Overall, I am hoping for a good game, a good start to Mizzou’s SEC era, and, most importantly, I am hoping for a 2-0 record for Mizzou with the outcome of the game.  The bragging rights with a win in this match would be oh so sweet to use against my previous Georgia neighbors!


Tiger love,

Ryann Gildersleeve


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